A priceless gift your family will treasure - forever

At this unique moment in time—the dawn of the third millennium—comes The Ark to the Future ™,
which contains everything you need to create your personal family time capsule and memory album.

Whether you have just a passing interest in genealogy and family history or are one of the millions of people seriously researching their roots, The Ark to the Future is a fascinating and invaluable tool that will allow you to: • Preserve your family history • Intimately communicate with future generations • Connect your ancestors, your children, and your children's children with the unique Rooted Family Tree ™
• Send these items and other precious heirlooms to the future in the safety of a beautiful molded metal time capsule—exquisitely produced to last far into the next century

Included in The Ark to
the Future are:

• A sleek, aerodynamic, molded
metal capsule with a silver finish,
secured by a belt and clasp

• Ten decorative labels and a
permanent sealing label

• A full-color, 32-page hardcover memory
album and scrapbook
, including protective
tissues, all produced using acid-free paper
and inks

• A richly detailed, fully illustrated handbook
with complete step-by-step instructions for
creating, dedicating, and preserving your
Ark to the Future

• A poster-size Rooted Family Tree, with
labels, where past and future family
members will be brought together

• A Certificate of Voyage for tracking
the location of the Ark

• Two postcards to be sent
to the future
Open and Closed Ark to the Future!

The Ark to the Future
A Family Time Capsule and Memory Album

by Joost Elffers and Michael Fragnito
- $27.50
- ISBN: 1-55670-967-6
- Publication date: October, 1999
Open and Closed Ark to the Future!
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Copyright ©1999 Joost Elffers, Michael Fragnito | Distributed by Stewart, Tabori & Chang