Imagine a scene twenty-five years from now. Or fifty. Or even a hundred, on the cusp of the next century. A family time capsule is discovered. The dust is blown off, the seal broken. And inside, meticously preserved, are the pictures and writing of your ancestors, all as fresh and vibrant as if the'd been recorded yesterday.

This dramatic moment becomes a possibility with the publication of The Ark to the Future: A Family Time Capsule and Memory Album by Joost Elffers and Michael Fragnito (Stewart Tabori & Chang, hardcover, $27.50, October 1999). The Ark to the Future is a unique package that offers families the opportunity to forge links between parents, children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren, and cements the bond between family members as they come together to assemble their treasures and mementos for "special delivery" to the future. It is for anyone who has felt the tug of the string called family, and for anyone who wants to "hold hands" across time with both their ancestors and descendants. In short, it is a powerful tool for family growth and unification.

Based on the traditional concept of a buried time capsule, but intended for convenient safekeeping in the home, The Ark to the Future was designed by renowned graphic innovator Joost Elffers to be both beautiful and durable. Archival-quality materials have been used throughout—from the sleek, brushed-metal capsule itself to the full-color pages of the memory album within it. This interactive book has both scrapbook and write-in features, and provides each family member with his or her own page to personalize with photos, memorabilia, and comments. A fully illustrated handbook, bursting with ideas, provides detailed instructions for creating an heirloom as individual as your family’s signature. Also included is a distinctive family tree, which can be updated by family members who open the capsule. The Ark is an easy project to complete, and can be finished in an evening or over a longer period of time, depending on family preference.
Those who have been searching for a way to secure family relationships, understand their roots, and leave something meaningful for future generations need look no further.
The Ark to the Future
A Family Time Capsule and Memory Album

by Joost Elffers and Michael Fragnito
- $27.50
- ISBN: 1-55670-967-6
- Publication date: October, 1999

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